Our Escape Rooms are presented through Zoom and mostly just exist in your imagination.

They’re a little like a text-based adventure (but it’s audio) and a lot like escape rooms you may be used to playing in “real life.”

Length: Set aside 2 hours - all groups puzzle & zoom at different speeds

Team Size: 3-5 players recommended. Teams of 2 are welcome.

Cost: Pay-what-you-can. We’ll send a Venmo link after your group’s adventure.

Who are these for: Our rooms are entirely family friendly in content, but designed for older teen/adult thinkers. If you have kids 12 & up that’d be interested - bring them along on your family’s team.

What’s Needed: Access to Zoom on a computer (not a phone) with at least 1 screen per 2 people. A pencil & paper to take notes.

[If only 2 people are playing Outpost Mars or Island of the Sapphire, it requires them to have separate Zoom access, even if they’re in the same household]

Scheduling: Scroll down for more information.

The Rooms


A notorious pirate is rumored to have possession of a legendary sapphire. You’ve tracked it to a deserted island in the Caribbean, but that seems to have been the easy part. Can you use your wits to find the treasure and steal it before you're caught?


An eccentric local billionaire has passed away without heirs. He’s left his attorney to carry out his bizarre final wishes to find his new heirs to inherit the fortune. Your number has finally come up in the lottery and it’s time to try your hand at winning the inheritance. Will you be successful where others have not?


Your team is part of the RHEA scientific colony on Mars. You’ve been sent to a remote research outpost for the ongoing study of cultivating plant life in space. A large storm has hit the outpost, endangering your team. Can you reestablish your life support systems in time?


You are a newly minted agent of G.I.F.T., an elite elf task force that follows Santa around the world and is sent into homes when something has gone wrong. Presents were misdelivered to the home of the Estrella family. Can you and your team correct Santa’s mistake before Christmas morning?


Life is reopening and live events are picking back up. This COVID passion project still exists, but our availability isn't as wide open as it was during lockdown. When you'd like to book a room email us at KandAEscape@gmail.com and we'll work together to find a time!

Until theatre is back in full, we'll list any easy availability we have to offer up on the calendar below.

We truly love running these rooms and can't wait to share them with you.

PLEASE NOTE: We are based on the west coast and run on Pacific Time.

Email KandAEscape@gmail.com with days/times that work for your group.

Other Questions

Do I need to have done an escape room before?

No way. Just let us know and we’ll guide you through it.

Folks who have done escape rooms should feel right at home with the ideas and puzzles.

Wait, but how does it work? What do I do?

You’ll hear descriptions and have a visual map that lets you know a little about the location you’re in and what your surroundings are. You choose how you explore the area simply by saying things like “Let’s look at the bed.” Your host will then tell you what you discover there. Occasionally there will be visuals that go along with the puzzles. This is not role play.

Is it hard?

These rooms rely heavily on listening, which may be challenging. For those unfamiliar with escape rooms or puzzling, some parts will be difficult. Don’t let this scare you away. We’re there to help.

Can younger kids participate?

Sure. You know them better than we do. If you have a little puzzler that likes to play, bring them along.

Contact us with questions or to schedule a room: KandAescape@gmail.com

If you have concerns about the accessibility of a room, please contact us directly. We want everyone to be able to play and would love to figure out how to make the room work for you.